There Are Alternatives to Bus Lanes

MRRA meeting on Thursday 21st January 2016

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Thank you to everyone who attended the meeting on Thursday. If you missed the meeting, you can still watch the presentations on Youtube, filmed by Antony Carpen by clicking the following links:

Although the opportunity to put forward your views in response to the The 'Call for Evidence' sessions (as part of the Cambridge Access Study) has now closed, the presentations are still available to view. So before you complete your questionnaires and send your replies to the Milton Road Consultation, please consider the ‘call for Evidence’ hearings. For a summary of the ideas, please see the ‘Notes of the Call for Evidence Sessions’ under ‘Evidence Session’, including the power point presentations, via the following link:

If the congestion situation in Cambridge can be improved, there will be no need to expand the bus lanes. We do not want to transform our beautiful tree-lined streets into ugly concrete highways, or divert more traffic through the small residential side roads.

Milton Road Questionnaire From the Greater Cambridge City Deal

Milton Road Questionnaire

We feel the questions on the Milton Road questionnaire are misleading and weighted towards turning Milton Road in a treeless wide highway with banned turnings.

The deadline for the questionnaire was on 15th February 2016.