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Welcome to the Milton Road Residents Association of Cambridge UK. Formed in December 2015, we aim to help local residents in North Cambridge to maintain and improve the area that we live in.

We believe that the current City Deal proposed changes to Milton Road are not in the interest of residents of Cambridge and that a better solution can be found that is good for everyone.

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Membership is free and is open to all residents of Milton Road aged 18 and over. All Milton Road Residents Association members will be invited to our upcoming annual general meeting and will be entitled to vote on Milton Road Residents Association matters.

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Recent Highlights

MRRA Response to the 2018 Consultation

Milton Road Brochure

The process for re-modelling Milton Road has now reached the point where plans have been sent out for public consultation. If you live on or near Milton Road you should have received a leaflet and questionnaire, but you may not have one because the distribution was patchy. However, you can also complete the questionnaire online at

Please do look at the plans and complete the questionnaire to make your views known.

MRRA Committee has examined the plans and questionnaire in detail and their opinion is that the plans are a great improvement on those originally proposed over two years ago, but that there are still some areas which could be improved. The following is the Milton Road Residents Association response to the questionnaire:

Question 1: Individual Elements

We support or strongly support all elements of Question 1 except:

11. New outbound bus lane approaching Elizabeth Way roundabout: strongly oppose

12. Elizabeth Way roundabout redesign: oppose

18. Retain inbound bus lane approaching Arbury Road junction: strongly oppose

Our reasons are given in Question 2.

Question 2: Further Comments on Individual Elements

11. We strongly oppose the new outbound bus lane because it takes away space that can be used for safe, protected inbound and outbound cycleways and better verges which will allow school traffic in the morning to cycle legally between Highworth Ave and Ascham Road, the most intensely used part of the school route.

12. We feel obliged to oppose the Elizabeth Way roundabout redesign because of the very narrow and unsafe shared-use pinch-points for people walking and cycling. These problems could be fixed by retaining the present single traffic lane on Milton Road outbound at the approach to the roundabout and segregating the cycleway from the footway.

18. We believe that the inbound bus lane approaching Arbury Road junction is too long and that space would be better used for improved verges and footways.

There should be no illuminated advertisements on floating bus stops and the panel on the approach side should be kept clear so that bus drivers can see if anyone is waiting.

Question 3: Segregated Cycleways and Copenhagen Crossings

We strongly support the design of the new segregated cycleways and Copenhagen-style priority crossings.

Question 4: Tree Planting Scheme

We strongly support the proposed concept for tree planting along Milton Road.

Question 5: Shared-use Pavement or Pedestrian Only

We believe that the pavements should be pedestrian only and that cycleways should always be segregated from footways. Not only would a shared-use pavement be unsafe and intimidating for vulnerable pedestrians, it would also encourage people to cycle in close proximity with the many driveways on the north-west side of Milton Road leading to an increased risk of collision with vehicles exiting from driveways. Frequent crossing points over Milton Road are therefore needed.

Question 6: Parking on Grass Verges

We strongly support the implementation of a Traffic Regulation Order to prevent parking on grass verges. Some form of physical barrier is needed to protect these verges.

Short term parking for carers, delivery vehicles, etc, can be provided by:

a. Using driveways; or where none is available

b. Accepting that they will use the existing exemption which allows deliverers to park on double yellow lines for up to 10 minutes; a special rule analogous to the disabled parking system might have to be created for carers and doctors; or

c. Enforcing the rule that requires those needing longer periods of parking to apply for prior authorisation.

Question 8: Crossing Near Westbrook Drive

We believe there should be a crossing near Westbrook Drive (Option 4A).

Question 9: Crossings at Downham’s Lane and Fraser Road

We believe there should be crossings at both Downham’s Lane (Option 19A) and Fraser Road (Option 19B). This is to help people from the large estates on either side of Milton Road to cross the road and access bus stops and the unidirectional cycleway on the other side of the road.

Question 10: Duties Under the Equality Act

  • The proposed shared-use pavements are dangerous and intimidating for people with disabilities who are walking or using a mobility device. We oppose shared-use pavements. Instead, cycleways should always be separate from footways.

  • Segregated footways and cycleways are much safer, easier to navigate and comfortable for all users. Where a footway has to cross a cycleway, such as at a bus stop, Zebra markings on a raised platform should be used, preceded by rumble strips on the cycleway and tactile paving on the pedestrian approaches.

  • Additional controlled crossings of Milton Road will help all people to be able to cross the road safely, regardless of ability.

Milton Road Consultation 2018

Today the Greater Cambridge Partnership has announced the next phase of the Milton Road consultation. The following is an excerpt from their message:

The consultation runs from Monday 17 September to Monday 29 October 2018. Brochures will be distributed throughout the Milton Road area including the village of Milton, and the consultation is being widely advertised with the use of bus stop adverts, A5 flyers, posters and press releases to the local media. This also includes a social media campaign via Facebook and Twitter.

Information about what is being proposed, both the need for the scheme and benefits, as well as further information and how to have your say, can be found on our website at:

You can download the consultation brochure here:

Download Consultation Brochure

You can view the Milton Road Consultation website here:

And you can view the original announcement here:

Public Consultations

At the end of the consultation brochure are the dates and locations for three public consultations:

Location: Arbury Road Baptist Church
Date: Wednesday 26 September 2018
Time: 4pm – 7pm
Address: Arbury Road Baptist Church, 20 Arbury Road, Cambridge, CB4 2JE

Location: All Saints Church
Date: Tuesday 9 October 2018
Time: 4pm – 7pm
Address: All Saints Church, Church Lane, Milton, Cambridge, CB24 6AB

Location: St George’s Church
Date: Tuesday 23 October 2018
Time: 5pm – 8pm
Address: St George’s Church, Chesterfield Road, Chesterton, Cambridge, CB4 1LN

This is the best chance that you will get to influence the future shape of our road and it is important that the planners have your input: after all, you know more than anyone else about the place where you live and the journeys you undertake.

Milton Road Local Liaison Forum 30th January 2018 Meeting Summary

Summary of Meeting

There was an excellent turn out of approximately 100 people.


Jocelynne Scutt, chair of the LLF, introduced the councillors for the area, the chairs of Milton Road Residents Association (RA), Hurst Park Estates RA and Old Chesterton RA and gave the audience a summary of the original plans and how the residents and councillors had made them more acceptable. The plans described at this meeting are based on the Final Concept passed by the Greater Cambridge Partnership Board last July.

Engineers Paul van de Bulk, officer for the GCP and Neil Poulton from WSP consultants gave the presentation and questions were asked following this.

Assessment of cycling design

We were told there was not enough room for two segregated cycle lanes on the outbound NW side, an inbound cycle lane on the SE side, trees and verges and a bus lane. The engineers had discussed removing the inbound cycleway but this meant cyclists would use the bus lane and paths.

They had listened to the residents who knew that unless there were Copenhagen crossings over the side roads, cycling would take place on the road. However there was a safety problem with two cycleways on the NW side as it restricted the view of car drivers coming out of the side roads.

Therefore their decision was to have an single inbound and outbound cycleway protected from the road by trees and verges and separated from pedestrians. On the NW side next to the outbound 2m cycleway, they would make a wide path of 3m so it would become shared use for pedestrians and cyclists riding inbound. This happens now, close to Ascham Road, because of the school. Widening the cycle ways and making them segregated along the whole of Milton Road would make them far safer and could encourage cycling rather than using cars.

There were a lot of questions concerning the safety of a shared area. More work will need to be done on this.

Bus Stops and Crossings

Most bus stops and crossings will stay similar to where they are now with the exception of the stops by Union Lane, which holds up the traffic lights, and outside the Co-op where lorries unload. There will be more work on this.

At the workshops residents were given an option of 6 kinds of bus stops. At the time there was disappointment in what we were offered because of the conflict between cyclists and pedestrians and exits from driveways in four of the options which did not give those at the workshops a safe option choice for all users. At the present time there are floating bus stops but Cllr Gerri Bird and other bus users were concerned for those who are disabled as the new plans would make cycling faster.

Trees and Landscaping

There had been a workshop about trees and landscaping but the specimens offered did not include much choice. The officers envisage large trees such as limes and tulip trees between the Busway and Elizabeth Way with smaller birches and flowering trees from Elizabeth Way to Mitcham’s Corner. An external landscape architect will be advising shortly so the road has a green feel about it. This requires more work and Cllr Scutt has this in hand.

Elizabeth Way roundabout

The area will stay a roundabout and will be controlled by traffic lights. Safety is a big issue here especially on the inbound road where cars usually turn into Elizabeth Way and cyclists tend to go straight over.

There are concerns too over the entrances to a few houses leading directly onto the roundabout.

Mitcham’s Corner

It is intended that the future design of this area should integrate with that of Milton Road.
The inbound cycle path will be next to the path outside the shops here with short term parking in bays for 3 cars with areas for trees between the bays to keep the feel of an avenue of trees.

Bus Lanes

Neil said he had listened to the residents about reducing the bus lanes as they are not used the majority of time.

There will be Smart Traffic Lights that will give priority to buses.
Bus patronage is falling in Cambridge and the use of the P & R at Milton has dropped by 15%. If a metro is introduced for Cambridge it is envisaged more people will travel by public transport so MRRA believe that there will be less need for bus lanes.

Discussions with shop keepers near Arbury Road

Paul had talked to the shops owners near Arbury Road. The majority wanted parking for customers outside their shops. The exception was 121 café which encouraged cyclists. The area in front of the shops is owned by the shops whereas the path is owned by the county council. There will be a problem with dropped curbs for cyclists, making it a very bumpy ride, as well as having to give way to cars trying to park.

The officers were aiming to make a safer and better environment but to do this some parking spaces may be lost.


There will be no parking anywhere on Milton Road. Those with no off road parking would park in side streets. An audit would be carried out to see how many households were affected. Also free dropped curbs, where appropriate would be offered free of charge. To keep cars off the verges there may be deep curbs and trees close together. At the moment some cars from Herbert Road and George Street park on Milton Road as well as some parking there instead of in their drives plus several houses do not have a dropped kerb and park on the verges.

It is up to residents on neighbouring streets whether they want to introduce residents’ parking

Next steps

There will be another LLF before for next designs go to the GCP Executive Board for approval next July and this will be followed by a wider public consultation.

A video by Richard Taylor is available here:

The Milton Road Project Manager is Paul van de Bulk, so please email him direct if you have any particular concerns:

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