Removal of the Trees and Grass Verges

The City Deal proposes to remove 83% of the trees (60% at a minimum) on Milton Road. We strongly oppose this, as the trees are very highly valued by the residents and the local community. They enhance the environment, streetscape, and air quality in Cambridge.

Increased Noise Pollution and Vibrations

Moving the traffic closer to residents properties, as well as increasing the road traffic to four lanes will increase both the noise pollution and the vibrations residents will experience whilst at home. The removal of the trees will remove any effect they currently have of dampening the road noise.


Over the years the road surface on Milton Road has been raised to such a height that in periods of heavy rain, the rain drains off the eastern side of the road, and onto the pavement and collects there.

The resurfacing of the Milton Road required by these proposals will cause the flooding problems suffered by residents to worsen. With the road surfaces getting higher, the water will be directed into front gardens. The removal of the grass verges will further exacerbate the problem.