Milton Road Residents Association

  1. The Milton Road Residents' Association came into existence on 17th December 2015.
  2. The Milton Road Residents' Association aims to help local residents to maintain and improve the area that they live in. It may liaise with other residents' associations, the local councils, the police and neighbourhood watch and other organisations, and may do all such other things as may be reasonably incidental to achieving its aim.
  3. All adult residents of Milton Road, including long term tenants (2 years plus) who have an interest in the community, are eligible for membership and have one vote. Contributions are also welcome from non-voting residents of other roads that may be affected.
  4. An Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Association will be held and such other general meetings as the Committee may call. 21 days’ notice will be given for the AGM. Other meetings requiring prompt response will be called giving as much notice as is practicable.
  5. The quorum for general meetings will be 10 voting members from 10 different households, present in person throughout the meeting. Votes will be accepted from members present in person or by proxy. In the event of a tie, the Chairman will have an additional deciding vote.
  6. The Officers of the Association shall be the Chairman, the Secretary and the Treasurer. The Committee shall consist of the Officers and not less than 1 and not more than 5 other members. The Committee and Officers shall be elected at the AGM. Any member of the Committee, including the officers, wishing to be elected for a further term in office must stand for re-election annually at the AGM. The Committee has the power to co-opt further members, who need not necessarily be residents of Milton Road.
  7. Officers of the Association shall hold a given position for a maximum of six consecutive years, being initially elected for one year and eligible for re-election five times thereafter. After one year out of office, s/he may be re-elected to the former or another office.
  8. The quorum for committee meetings will be 3, which must include at least one officer.
  9. Donations may be invited from members to cover expenditure.
  10. The Treasurer will keep accounts and will present these at the AGM.
  11. The Constitution may be altered at the AGM by majority of 75% of votes cast.
  12. If the Committee has not met for over 3 years and if an AGM has not been called during that period, the Association shall be wound up and any remaining assets shall be given to a local charity.

Adopted at the AGM 29/11/2016

A PDF version of the constitution can be downloaded here: MRRA Constitution