Outcomes of the City Deal Public Consultation

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Outcomes of the City Deal Public Consultation

As a result of the public consultation, officers have recommended a ‘Do Something’ option. This will include the following:

  • Three lanes of traffic
  • In-bound and out-bound bus lanes on major junction approaches
  • Intelligent traffic signals
  • Segregated cycleways on both sides of road
  • Floating bus stops considered
  • Removal of Elizabeth Way/Highworth Ave roundabout and replaced with traffic signals
  • No banned turns at Gilbert Road, Arbury Road and King's Hedges
  • Closure of Union Lane with Milton Road
  • A huge loss of trees

Find the full report here and a much shorter summary by the City Deal can be found here

The City Deal held a briefing on this topic for the 'Stakeholders' to attend. Unfortunatly the public was not invited, however, you can watch the full video of the meeting here, thanks to Richard Taylor.

Cambridge Association of Architects Gazette

Cambridge Association of Architects Gazette, Spring/Summer 2016 article on Milton Road by Kieran Perkins.

This article talks about urban design and ideas for Milton Road. You can view this article on pages 14-15 from their website, or you can download the pdf here Download PDF

Milton Road Hustings

Thursday 28 April 2016 7-9pm Chesterton Community College, CB4 3NY

In preparation for the Local Government Elections on 5 May, along with Hurst Park Estate Residents’ Association (HPERA) and the Friends of Mitcham’s Corner (FMC), we invited all 15 candidates standing in Kings Hedges, West Chesterton and East Chesterton to a public meeting to hear their views on the Greater Cambridge City Deal proposals for Milton Road and the impact on the surrounding area.

A full video of the hustings can be found here courtesy of Richard Taylor. A written summary of the evening can be found here.

Hustings Format

  • Brief introduction by the Chair
  • A 90 second presentation by each candidate to state their main priorities if elected
  • Prepared questions on City Deal issues, based on their responses to a questionnaire recently sent out by HPERA. Written answers can be found here on the HPERA website.
  • Open questions from the floor

On Street Parking Controls

Smarter Cambridge Transport Logo

Smarter Cambridge Transport

Smarter Cambridge Transport have come up with a proposal which does not require bus lanes to deal with congestion, but focuses on parking controls in Cambridge.

They have suggested a 6-month experimental city-wide residents parking scheme, with options for locals to choose how it would work in their area. This could be a valuable way of measuring the impact of such a scheme not only on free commuter parking in our neighbourhoods, but on congestion generally (which could argue against bus lanes).

We have the local elections coming up in May, so if you support this approach, please write to your local City and County Councillors and let them know. Find their contact details on our 'Who Can I Contact' page

The First Stage of Consultation Is Now Closed

You can read our response by visiting the Our Response section of the website.

We have also handed in the petition, as described in this Cambridge News article, so that it could be taken into consideration for the first stage of the consultation process. However, we are still collecting signatures and the petition is still open.

Public North Area Committee Meeting

Chesterton Community College Thursday 4th February 2016, 6pm

Thank you to everyone who came to the meeting to ask questions, there was a full house with every seat taken and many people having to stand at the back and along the sides.

The meeeting was filmed by Richard Taylor, and can be viewed at

North Area Committee Meeting

Petition: Save the Trees and Verges on Milton Road

If you haven't signed one of our paper petitions yet, you can sign our online petition instead! We have created an online petition on which can be quickly and easily signed online.

Please send to anyone you know who would like to sign this.

Click Here to Sign the Petition