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Milton Road Update - October 2017


There have been two workshops recently, one on bus stops and pedestrian crossings and another on street trees. Attendance at these workshops was by application to GCP. Each workshop followed a similar format: An initial Presentation giving the tasks and parameters for the evening, followed by discussions in small groups. Milton Road was divided, either side of Arbury Road, for separate discussions and feedback.

Workshop 1 - Bus Stops and Crossings - 19th September

The GCP workshop presentation was given by Officers and the WSP Consultant and participants discussed preferred design type and location of bus stops and crossings along both sections of Milton Road. At this meeting the bus lane ran the length of MR unlike our Do Optimum plans.

The Presentation slides can be viewed on the GCP website: Milton Road – Bus Stop and Crossings Workshop

Workshop 2 -Trees - 3rd October

Presentations were given by the City Council’s Tree Officers who proposed a few tree options and Kieran Perkins, an urban realm architect, who presented ideas for a sense of place. Participants, in small groups, were asked to choose species for each section of Milton Road from the pre-selection offered. Afterwards the groups were allocated one of four potential public spaces for ideas on how these spaces should be used (Milton Road Library, Shop area near Arbury Road, Land by Woodhead Drive and the King’s Hedges junction).

Concern was expressed that the current GSP ‘Final Concept’ design left little green space for the promised grass verge and tree-lined avenue. The Presentation slides can be viewed on the GCP website here: Milton Road Replacement Tree Planting

And Richard Taylor’s video of the event can be found here: Milton Road Trees Presentation

What Happens Next?

GCP’s Programme and Timescale
GCP’s Proposed Programme and Timescale

The County Officers and WSP Consultant will now work up detailed plans, taking into account the workshops feedback. Followed by:

  • Presentation to the MR LLF in November/December 2017 and January 2018
  • Consideration for the final detailed design as a basis for Public Consultation Questionnaire by the Joint Assembly (28th February 2018) and the Executive Board (21st March 2018)
  • Public Consultation Questionnaire from May 2018
  • Consideration of Public Consultation by the Joint Assembly (20th September 2018) and Final detailed design approval by the Executive Board (11th October 2018)
  • Forecast completion date of Milton Road remodelling is 2021

What You Can Do

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Check for Milton Road project updates on the GCP website and come to the GCP Assembly and Executive Board Meetings.

But most important is to keep lobbying the decision makers for the best possible design for Milton Road for future generations.

GCP’s current ‘Final Concept’ plans include a full length bus lane, albeit alternating between the north and south side. We believe a bus lane will not bring the desired modal change and at most only save a couple of minutes on the rare occasions when the traffic is queuing, before reaching Mitcham’s Corner. We believe that this is valuable space that could be used for safer walking and cycling, segregated by a tree-lined avenue of trees and verges the whole length of Milton Road; a safer more environmentally worthy landscape for one of the main gateways into our beautiful city.

Just three councillors can vote to decide the fate of Milton Road. Please email them with your views.

The GCP Executive Board (the ultimate decision-making body)

Cllr Francis Burkitt (Chair)
Cllr Lewis Herbert (Vice-Chair)
Cllr Ian Bates

Mr Mark Reeve
Professor Phil Allmendinger

You can also contact the Milton Road Project Engineer, Paul van der Bulk, and GCP generally at:

Or write to GCP, Room SH1311, Shire Hall, Cambridge CB3 0AJ

The Milton Road Alliance

The Milton Road Alliance is a joint partnership between MRRA, HPERA, and the Cambridge Cycle Campaign. It's purpose is to produce a better plan for the Greater Cambridge Partnership, which is currently in the form of the 'Do Optimum' proposal. More details about the Milton Road Alliance can be found here:

Do Optimum

A joint partnership between MRRA, HPERA, and the Cambridge Cycle Campaign has resulted in the creation of the 'Do Optimum' alternative to the City Deal's 'Do Something' proposal. The new Do Optimum proposal has been discussed and a resolution has been passed by the Milton Road LLF to recommend the Do Optimum proposal to the City Deal board. A joint statement by the 3 groups has been released and can be found here.

The Do Optimum proposal was presented to the LLF by Matthew Danish. A summary of the Do Optimum proposal can be downloaded here Download PDF

Do Optimum Road Layout

Petition Presented to Cambridge County Council

Cambridgeshire County Council required at least 3000 Cambridgeshire residents' signatures to debate the petition as part of a full council meeting. The online petition, along with our paper petition, has surpassed this goal. On 19th July 2016, the Milton Road Residents' Association Chairman presented the petition for discussion to the County Council.

A video of the meeting can be found here

Cambridge 105 Radio podcast interview with Milton Road Residents' Association

Click here to view the online petition

By the end of the meeting the councillors voted in favour of a motion from Councillor Jocelynne Scutt for the following recommendation:

'We want a commitment from the City Deal Assembly and the City Deal Board that if, in the end, construction requires removal of any single one of the trees in Milton Road, then the City Deal monies return to Milton Road mature trees lining Milton Road’s verges making Milton Road the impressive vista it should be, a lead-in to Cambridge of which we – all of us – whether Cambridge City or from the County as a whole can be proud.'

A further motion by Councillor Ian Manning recommending the City Deal to consider other options for Milton Road was rejected by the councillors:

'This council wishes to express its opposition to any plan that will result in the removal of the majority of trees on Milton Road. Further the council believes that measures contained in the City Deal do not represent an efficient or desirable way to tackle congestion and ask that more options be considered in the public consultation.'

Supersize Cambridge

On July 4th 2016, people from all over greater Cambridge were invited to come along to give their views on the supersizing of Cambridge, its consequences for this beautiful City of Cambridge and its villages, its impact on those left behind in the rush for growth and to express their views on what they see as the singular lack of vision and lost opportunities in the City Deal's proposals.

Find more details on the poster: Poster PDF

Video playlist of the event's speakers by Antony Carpen can be found here

Current City Deal Proposals

The executive Board has approved the road layout recommended by the City Deal. Watch the full video of the meeting here where the proposals were unanimously approved.

The City Deal has proposed 3 lanes and in some places 4 lanes of traffic along Milton Road. They are also proposing to close Union Lane at the junction with Milton Road, banning right turns into Elizabeth way and also remove the Elizabeth way roundabout. More details of their recommendations can be found at the Milton Road Proposals section of this site.

Yellow Ribbon Tree Appreciation

To show how much we appreciate the trees along Milton Road, we have tied a yellow ribbon to every tree on the road. We do not want the City Deal to remove over 100 trees on Milton Road and we hope the ribbons will get the trees some extra attention as they burst into bloom this summer.

Save the Trees Poster Campaign

The trees along Milton Road have been adorned with posters demonstrating how the local residents feel about the trees. Children and adults have got creative and hand made a whole variety of posters to advertise that we want to Save the Trees.